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Whether you 're going for a day, for a protracted weekend trip, or for a complete week-long trip, vacationing with the youngins can be somewhat of a concern. Well, that could be putting it softly. One of the primary issues you'll face throughout your holiday is keeping the youngsters occupied, entertained, and not fighting with one another. A lot of parents vacation resort to stand byes: video gaming, mobile phones, and iPads loaded up with their favorite movies to keep the kiddos entertained all night while traveling.

I've done all the above; I'm guilty as charged.

Turn your journeys into educational vacations
Turn your outings into educational vacations
While these may work for a while, plus they certainly keep most kids calm for a while, it also feels like a bit of the missed opportunity. Not merely are those video games sucking up all of your kids' time -- leaving you with minimal interaction by any means -- but the majority of these exact things are also not i…